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عکس عجایب خلقت

عکس عجایب خلقت

Cat Fishy
I found this picture of a big catfish, In taiwan its over 6oo pounds..the village ate it before it could be

Giant fish
found washed on shore after tsnamii


Lamb With 8 Legs

Alligator Man
Obvious fake created from the torso of a monkey, and the lower body of an alligator

Tiny Monkey

Remains of a juvenile Chupacabra

Gustave The 20 Feet Long Killer Crocodile
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose. His name is Gustave. He's 20 feet long (6 meters), weighs 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), and stands accused of devouring hundreds of peopl

Some people think that this is a picture of a Hammerhead Salamander.. .Uhhh, from what I have heard.
What do you think

عکس عجایب , عکس دیدنی موجودات ناشناخته

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